Does anyone here like handball?

Handball was invented in Denmark, and it’s a big sport here in Europe.

There’s currently the world championships going on, and Denmark is fighting Norway tonight.
Since I belong to both nationalities, I don’t know which team to root for. My friend, whom I’m watching the game with, will be rooting for Denmark, so I’ll possibly be rooting for Norway just out of spite :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone here follow the handball games?


I don’t like handball. I prefer volleyball or basketball

Swimming is the only sport I care for

No I don’t but I played few times in school

Well, at least now I know three people who DON’T care for handball :smile: :joy:

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I used to see other people playing it and it looked fun but the two or three times I tried playing it myself I didn’t like it because I sucked at it. I used to be pretty good at tennis but I haven’t played in years.

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I played in high school. Just with friends on our breaks. I had no idea it was a competitive sport.

I’ve never played handball before. I’ve seen it, though, and it looks fun.

I love handball, both playing it & watching it! Sadly the exposure it gets is kinda meh compared to football & hockey :confused:

So does the ball have a hand? :thinking:

Is handball the game where you use your hands to hit a blackball off of a wall? (This is handball in NYC.)

I was a very good handball player because I grew up playing handball with my father, who was one of the best handball players in the U.S. in the 1950’s and 1960’s. My father was ranked in the top 5 from 1958-68, winning many tournaments.

Interesting fact: Jim Jacobs, widely regarded as the best handball player ever in the States, played my father many times, with Jacobs winning most of the matches. Jacobs was also the trainer of the boxer Mike Tyson in Tyson’s early years.

All of that being said, I have a feeling we’re not talking about the same handball…lol


Handball is similar to football (soccer) only they use their hands

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Oh I thought you meant the kind of handball @anon17132524 referred to, where you smack the ball off a wall with your hands. That’s the only handball i’m familiar with.

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I like any sport. I watch little, but I play them.

It’s hard on the hand…at first, but I still like it as a kind of cross training and “cool down sport” after weight lifting in the gym like swimming, the stationary bikes, sliding row machine, racket ball, squash ball, punching/kicking the bag. The serious sports for me is playing baseball and basketball…and olympic weight lifting routines which is a “kind of sport.” Hehe.

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