Does anyone here have maladaptive dreaming disorder?

I found out why I can control hallucinations in my head by flicking a string. It has nothing to do with my autism or schizophrenia is a whole third disorder altogether

I sometimes pace back and forth for a few hours to music. When i do this, it is as if i am no longer here and I even believe i am , not. I become the watcher of an elaborate story or even a character in it. I basically cant see anything real around me. Has made for awkward moments…but I never knew what this was. It started when i was ten.

Maybe. I used to wonder if I was a schizoid because I found articles on their massive inner worlds that they create, and I was like oh hey, I have that, too.

I have wondered about this too. I’ve gotten lost in these worlds before and even mourned for a week when a character died…It was very strange because to me, they were dead…but to everyone else…

I wish I could control my dreams. I have some weird ass dreams. Same goes for delusions and hallucinations.


I enjoy my detailed, thrilling dreams. Some are horrifying but enjoyable at the same time, ? I escape in my dreams.

Oh my brain just automatically filled it in as maladaptive daydreaming disorder.

If they meant actual sleep-dreaming, then no, I have no control over that, can’t lucid dream or anything.

I wasn’t dreaming at all anymore. I thought it was the sz. Turns out I have sleep apnea. Got a CPAP machine and now I am dreaming again.

I wrote it wrong. That’s what I meant

mine arnt really controlled. but i could explore the closed eye hallucination if i want to by observing whatever the heck its doing.