Does anyone here have health issues that aren't mental?

I happen to have epilepsy.

I’m wondering about a couple. Geodon can affect your heart, and I’m wondering about my prostate.

I don’t know about prostate but it can effect your heart. I still am trying to learn all the side effects of meds to become a better healthcare provider.

I don’t think the med’s are affecting my prostate. That is something that comes with age.

I have a mild case of diabetes.
High blood sugar levels most definitely caused by the Antipsychotics.
I’m taking Metformin for it.

Chronic pain for me

Do migraines count? They are not ordinary migraines. I just feel dizzy, nauseous, and have depersonalization also, the text moves when I try to read it. There is no pain. My neurologist says that it could be atypical migraines or part of my psychological issues.

Yeah migraines do count because it’s neurological.

I have pretty bad auto-immune issues. Hormones out of wack, swollen glands, pressure in face, odd temperatures, etc.

I have technically two sleep disorders, hypersomnia NOS (which is a dumbass diagnosis that literally just means really sleepy all the time, idk why I wasnt diagnosed w narcolepsy even though that’s what the doctor was talking about) and something else about my circadian rhythm being delayed so I’m basically naturally nocturnal and always have been since I was born.

I also have some sort of bladder issue. It’s either weakened pelvic muscles or an inflammatory disorder like interstitial cystitis. Haven’t sorted it out yet, need to make follow up appt w doctor.

I have chronic back pain but that’s probably because I’m very busty. I have bad knees from years in marching band.
My feet get messed up really easily from walking regardless of what kind of shoe I wear, it’s like the muscles of the sole of my foot get pulled and I end up limping.

I’ve been having digestive problems for the past several months but I’m hoping it’s just med side effects. That’s really it.

A bad back and fatigue. Slows me down at work.

I’m basically very healthy except having schizophrenia. I have balanced meals, exercise, and good nights sleep.