Does anyone here get intrusive thoughts?

I get horrible intrusive thoughts. How do you guys cope/deal with them. I dismiss them everytime I get them but sometimes I have a panic attack where I am bombarded by them.

I had a lot of success with CBT and intrusive thoughts.

I still get them, but am not a slave to them like I used to be.

Are you in therapy?

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I’m meant to be getting therapy soon thanks. I think cbt will help me a lot.

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I have intrusive thoughts that become obsessive.

I have done CBT. That helped me develop strategies mainly in getting to sleep. I can mostly manage during the day keeping myself distracted. At night when strategies fails the intrusive thoughts become obsessive and relentless, I go around in cycles in my thoughts. When I’ve been drinking alcohol (which I had to stop drinking) they become 10x worse.

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Can I ask how does peoples intrusive thoughts manifest?

Mine are thoughts about secret organisations tormenting me.

Mine are just vile thoughts. Sexual stuff sometimes.

I’ve only had one instance of it really. I had intrusive thoughts about a member of my band and ended up leaving the band because of it. He cheated with his girlfriend, and Ive been very good friends with both of them for a long long time. About a year later he’d moved in with the girl he cheated with, and I felt somewhat angry at him. I kept having intrusive thoughts about what he had done, and I would often (in my head) mock him in our meetings or imagine answering questions that came up in a cruel sarcastic bitter way. It wasn’t something I was actively doing it just sort of happened and I couldn’t stop doing it.

Eventually I left the band because they wouldn’t stop and they were distracting. It was really difficult explaining to my friends and band why I wanted to leave, as I don’t think non-schizophrenics have this kind of thing. But it was needed. I think I needed space with him. He and his now ex girlfriend were really important to me when I was recovering from psychosis, and I think it just pained me too much to see what he did to her when they had once been so close.

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I think Sarcosine is helping me with the Intrusive thoughts and mine can be pretty bad…weird sexual stuff…but yes Sarcodine helps.


When I get distressing thoughts that won’t go away, I visualize them as train cars going past in my mind. Then I watch the train go by and try to go about my life. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.


I think a good way to help with intrusive is to focus on whats around and what you are doing and prayer. Best of luck to you.


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