Does anyone here feel like you did things for attention

And that is why you got your dx?

Only reason someone would fake his symptoms is to not be homeless and to get disability housing+money.

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I don’t think the two are connected.

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My brother faked a mental illness just to get money. It does happen.

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Read the question wrong. No. I never did anything for attention. I was trying to stay alive. The people causing my problems, claimed I was homeless for attention.

Yea a while ago here on the forum there was a homeless guy who said he’s faking his symptoms to sleep in the hospital and to get disability money and housing. He was even put on Abilify. He disappeared though, maybe he got caught.

I’m not an attention-seeking person really. I like to be left alone. Plus, i doubt i could fake it for over twenty years.

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I faked symptoms to try and get disability, but that was after really having symptoms and returning to normal. I didn’t get on disability that time.

Most of my life I’ve done things in order to avoid attention. Clearly there is something wrong with me but it’s not sz.

Voices have told me I’m lying, faking, not sick etc etc.

Had a couple of episodes about the subject, thinking I was faking it all.

No. I always hated attention…

I’ve been paranoid that I faked it all for attention, but at the same time I know I didn’t, I was there and it was real

I never really felt like I lacked attention in my life so no.

isn’t that really hard to fake it? Like doesn’t it take big amounts of energy to take things…

i never tried to get more attention… i had enough attention always i think… at least more than enough and a bit too much at times cause i just wanted to be by myself.

No I just said I was experiencing symptoms that I had before but I was perfectly fine. They dont take you seriously unless you come to them through the police.

Not really. Doctor once said they thought I was bpd or some crap. I down played it and got aspergers instead. I felt and was told bpd people are sort of crazy and I was never malingering or doing things for attention. Quite the opposite. I honestly tried and legitimately tried to get help. I realized there is no help. This is an evil world.

I thought bpd is a woman disorder. I was eager to get diagnosed with aspergers which I may or may not have. I really don’t know what I have except a condition that causes suffering and disability equivalent to schizophrenia.

In fact, some people have downplayed my illness. A lot in fact.

I was interested in getting money at one time. (I get thousands of dreams and visions throughout the day).

I think the doctors here are just subpar. Most are. I only met 1 doctor who heard of mk-ultra out of a dozen + or so.

I’m hyper aware and vigilant of things. I pick up on conversations in the neighborhood really well and I think they’re talking about me. Same thing with wifi-signal names. I’m paranoid and ocd about the wifi-names like they have meaning and are harassing me constantly. I always check them.

Aspergers fits me perfectly actually. It always has. It’s just a mild case like maybe just alelles or genetic expression. I wouldn’t qualify for anything and I probably wouldn’t get diagnosed if re-tested. It was a once in a lifetime sort of thing. No extra money.

Maybe I sound desperate or a beggar because I live off of 60 bucks a week approx. It ain’t no life. I wanted more for myself.

I get dreams of other lives like tapping into the parallel universe/multiverse thing and actually was there at those places just like now. I actually lived those lives.

I had one crappy therapist said I sounded or was munchaussen by proxy. What a jerk and should have lost his license. I don’t know why. I thought weird things back then like I could sue people or people owed me money, I guess. I was out of control with my paranoia and delusions thinking I was a time traveler and wanted a yellow phone book lol.

Part of me wants to figure out or find my original life’s wife according to my time travel delusion, which doesn’t matter anymore. Maybe it was barney lol. Like I said, a past life a million lifetimes ago in another dimension isn’t relevant or cool anymore. People are different in this new reality and I have moved on. I was just curious. (I saw time traveler’s wife book in the hospital and someone threw it away) (I feel like I have above average recall of life events).

All my delusions are somewhat legit. I try to make sense of my crappy life. I guess I post here instead of trying to make money off my suffering and I’m too scared and nervous to write books or do interviews – I have paranoia and low-self esteem. I’m too self-critical. I also deleted all my stuff. I just want to move forward with my life like Ground Hog Day, I guess.

I also notice a semi correlation between this website and other information I post and being harassed I guess. I’m hyper aware. Feels like aliens.

When I was a kid, I probably did. Mainly with my mom and dad.

I’m a middle child. My entire existence until age 12 or so was comprised entirely of attention seeking behavior. Then I landed myself in abusive relationship after abusive relationship and learned really fast how to not bring any attention to myself.

As for how it relates to sz, I did sort of fake symptoms for awhile. They had me on invega and I was super delusional. So I had this belief that if I could convince them I just had symptoms of physical health problems they would let me leave the psych ward. Unfortunately for me, I’m a terrible liar and was very visibly off my rocker. And those delusions included thinking I had the ability to kill people off they heard my voice. So I was terrified to talk. Lol

Damn I have no idea how I ever thought I was sane back then. I was ■■■■■■■ loony toons.

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