Does anyone here experience bed wetting?

I do snd i think it could be one side affect of medication.

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Never happened to me. You need different medications

I wet the bed three times over three years on 30 mg of Haldol. Was horrified each time. Never on any other med, but 30 mg is a large dose of Haldol. Luckily I was sleeping in the second bedroom at the time and not with my husband!

WTF not very understanding

Yes, I was a bed wetter all the way up to my early teens.

Yes side effects of clozapine

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In the hospital when someone is dealing with incontinence and can’t handle depends we use these things called chuck pads. They are cheap and work pretty well. Talk to your pdoc there are some medications that help with control of that system. I don’t remember the exact ones but they do exist.

Intermittantly, and due to a spinal injury in my youth. I’ve learned to cope with it over the years.

I did when I tried Clozapine, not any of the others tho

i wet my bed sometimes. not often but sometimes i get woken up because feel i have to pee a little bit and then i think i can wait till i get up and i fall asleep again and then wet the bed in my sleep.

It doesn’t causes by meds but high blood sugar or diabetes.


Urology | Adult Bedwetting (Enuresis) Causes & Symptoms | Beaumont Health.

High blood sugar, no. Diabetes, yes, but usually type one and usually from a complication such as diabetic neuropathy.


I started occasionally wetting my bed when I moved in with my soon to be husband at age 18. This continued all my life until age 56 when the psychosis became more controlled. I never told anyone but my mother about it and she told me in disgust that it meant I was going to die. And here I still am! Over 40 years later! I haven’t wet my bed in years now.


I wet the bed up until I was 13 may have something to do with mental illness instead of medicine

Only when I was put on the max dose of Ambien XR. That stuff knocked me right the heck out for a few hours. I did not stay on it long. It probably happened 3 or 4 times during that period. I would wake up having to go and have a small issue. It was minor, as I woke up mostly in time. It was still present, though. I didn’t experience it on clozapine, but I wasn’t on that med for very long. I have, however, learned to be wary of meds that put me to sleep so completely, though.

I’ve been on many meds, only clozapine and risperdal can make bed wetting.
Since I take low dose of clozapine it wasn’t issue on it.
Risperdal made me piss in bed once. It was embarrassing…

I had an episode where I peed the bed, i was drugged up on Trazadone for sleep. I slept to deeply and it happened.