Does anyone here breathe out of their mouth?

I am a nose breather lol, but yeah if i am running i need to breath faster or really stressed/panicky i take deep breaths through my nose and out of my mouth,

I went scuba diving in Gran Canaria and i loved it, i’d love to do it again :slight_smile: what an experience and i nearly ran out of air haha

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I breathe through my mouth since I started smoking. Espacially when I walk. My nose is always stuffed or I can’t get enough air through it. I would like to not breathe through my mouth but it is kind of the go to method for me.

I breath out of my mouth.

My nose doesn’t bring in n out enough.

Yea I find it way too conscious to breathe out of my nose. I think much better if I breathe out of my mouth. Are mouth breathers smarter? Hmmmmm

I smoke too! 1515151

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