Does anyone hear musical notes/melodies as words?

I still have this. Since July 2023.

I think I can block it out though.

Either a voice speaks through the music or I block it out and put my own thoughts into the melody so nobody can speak/contact me.

I’ve felt physical pain through the voices before when they cursed me.

That’s how I know they’re not internal. I can’t just imagine random pain from no where as a tactile hallucination. I don’t even hallucinate.

I have heard music, usually made from white noise in the room. It’s usually very faint but generally elaborate pieces of work.
I have never hallucinated visually but I have hallucinated physically before medicated that I was seriously injured and required medical attention. I physically felt worse everyday and it was becoming true because if you think like that too long you will have real physical effects, compounding your belief.

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I can hear sounds as voices. for example the dishwasher can sound like people talking. So it’s kind of what you have but not quite I guess.

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The voices will be the end of me.

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