Does anyone have the same problem?

At 18, I got too drunk. It was different from the good. Somehow I forgot about it and I didn’t solve it because it wasn’t so bad. When I was 21, hell came. Suddenly I couldn’t sleep. He was anxious at night. It took about 1 month. One day I was sitting in school listening to the teacher when I suddenly fell completely into my mind and stopped noticing things around, I immediately woke up, but as if I had stayed in that head for a while. Over time, I feel like I’m falling deeper and deeper into that head. Something like dreaming 24/7. Nini is 26 and I feel that the thoughts are no longer so clear, I don’t like hobbies like drunkenness and I feel like I’m gradually losing awareness of reality. I feel empty.

You said “he was anxious at night”. Who was anxious?

I dreamed a lot when I was a teenager. I had a lot of day dreams at home and at school. Skateboarding made me go out of it for a long time. Then, after everybody quit skateboarding, I started to play world of warcraft with friends for one and a half year. After I quit that I just layed in bed, and the tv would run at day time. Then I got back into being lost in dreams.

of course me , I’m sorry, but I don’t speak much English, so I write via google translator. So they know that sometimes an error occurs. I am sorry

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Oh, no worries. Don’t feel bad. I was just trying to understand

I do sometimes get lost in my mind. It’s like being stuck there

I still have it even on meds, in my case I think its from negative symptoms which make me unable to realize my dreams so I keep dreaming.

Do you have live images in your head 24/7? Do you have less awareness of reality and running time?

They’re more like small delusions. One time I dream about becoming a Dr, other time a computer programmer, work with my physio degree, hangout with my friends, etc

I waste time everyday at thinking about these and imagining a new impossible life.

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