Does anyone have situational hallucinations?

The only visual hallucination I have is of a gray formless man that usually sits in my room at night; doesn’t speak at all. He doesn’t come every night, just every once in a while. I call him the gray man. It still scares the ■■■■ out of me. I never talk about this to my therapist or pdoc. I’m afraid they would put me away.

Does anyone else have hallucinations that only happen in very specific situations? In my case it’s only at night, generally after I have woken up.

I’m sorry you see stuff, your pdoc can’t hospitalize you for it, if you them about it they would probably up your meds, so you don’t see them anymore. Hospitalizations occur when a person is a danger to himself or others

I used to see black shadows hanging on the side of people, I don’t anymore

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My “situation” is when I’m under stress.


My daughter sees black shadows in the main bathroom for some reason.
I really wish she would join this forum so she can realize she’s not alone.
even thou she’s already been diagnosed she still doesn’t feel she has a illness.

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Stress will cause hallucinations…

For me… I see a lot of thing on fire.

Sometimes things I’m stressing about will end up as a hallucination.

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I have a shut ton of hallucinations but each one has his or her own little scenario or part of my life like a girl I named ana is often around if I’m feeling fat or unhappy with how I look where as Molly is there when I’m happy or get good ideas

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When I’m especially tired or stressed I see more “creatures”, and the noise level also rises. I wish I could help you to not be afraid of the gray man. When I start feeling unnerved by demons, I remind myself that they can’t hurt me unless I listen to them and hurt myself. If gray man is just sitting there, can you remind yourself that he can’t reach you and so can’t harm you?

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There is also a human-like figure in my hallway that stands in the doorway to my bedroom when I sit in the chair and read, etc. I’ve told it to stop standing there and come in, but it never does. It doesn’t scare me, but it’s there all the time.

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I tended to see monsters as a child in darkened areas, not because I was mistakenly seeing forms of inanimate objects in the dark as monsters but because I actually literally hallucinated monsters that were not really there at all. It was so bad I cannot be in a totally dark place usually especially if it’s a huge house or whatever because I actually will panic in that situation because of my childhood. And then to add insult to injury when I tried sleeping with no lights on the first time when I was about 15 I heard a voice in the darkness that spoke gibberish except I could make out it said my name and I lived with a delusion about it for a while that if I told anyone it would find me and kill me ASAP. I don’t know why but the thing terrified me despite it didn’t even make sense with 99% of what it said.

And this is coming from me where I used to be terrified of dogs because a small one attacked me and screwed up my right hand in the process where it has less mobility now and now when even a large dog charges up to me barking or growling or whatever I just put my hands behind my back and continually face the dog and back away slowly and they have always just ran off suddenly after a few minutes.