Does anyone have delusions where the tv talks about you?

I’ve had this happen many times. You say it is like parallel reality so does that mean it is real? Because how can I be thinking “how does an apple taste?” And the tv says “good” RIGHT after I ask myself that??? Like it actually caught my attention right at that word like it was talking directly to me. How would that be considered fake if it actually happened?? I think its supernatural that’s what I think.

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I’ve thought like to too once before

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hey sereniti, i think this is considered a zombie thread bc its old but it doesnt mean its not relevent, i have suffered from messages from the tv, luckily i cut out most of the triggers like that so no tv anymore

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It happened, and it was real to you. You don’t want it to happen, though. You want your psychic privacy back. Medication, good diet and a low stress life are the only means of reducing that phenomenon.

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All the time that’s why I don’t watch tv.


One of my first “delusions” (coincidences) was associated with TV. It was 22.09.2014. One was associated with teletext of first programme of Polish national television. On page 117 I read about two Austrians which received commendation crosses thanks to taking care about cementeries in certain city where I was and one of persons from Polish Asperger’s syndrome (AS) forum studied. Two individuals which were men and were among “proto-aucorigians” had logins associated with surnames of two Austrian doctors who described autistic disorders about 1940 (Leo Kanner and Hans Asperger). Three days earlier I made photos of Jewish cementery and one on which part of Catholic cementery with crosses was present, that day (19.09.2014) about 11 p.m. I watched photos of Jewish and Catholic cementeries made by another person which had diagnosis of AS and was considered “proto-aucorigic” by me. 22.09.2014 I found name and surname of another “proto-aucorigic” (PACR) individual and heard about an accident in which a woman who wrote certain sorts of books died. Two PACR male individuals read books of that kind in childhood. Number of letters in the name of the woman who died had the same number of letters and the same last two letters as name of one of two PACR females (and four first letters of her surname were the same as first four letters of surname of that female, one of male PACR individuals had also the same four letters at the beginning of his surname). When that coincidence happened, I was really excited and had loud stereotyped behaviors.

TV talks to me all the time. Anything with electricity, I guess. I guess it’s my brain or something. Caffeine makes it worse and medication helps, which is pretty common among schizophrenics. I guess I’m schizophrenic?

I never hear anything. It’s just non-stop intrusive and fast thoughts. Very out there in left field sort of stuff.

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Don’t feel alone. I have had the same experience where the TV talks about me or the TV is reading my thoughts.

Just try to call a loved one or friend and have them talk some sense into you

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You are not alone.

It is. We simply cannot rationalize supernatural stuff.

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