Does anyone have Cycloid Psychosis? I believe I have it. Any info and such?

I was really wondering why my mental state changes pretty fast and often. I was also wondering why I’m kind of psychotic every once in a while and it stops on it’s own after some hours / days without me doing anything stupid or something.(and btw, it doesn’t get any better with the meds I’m on. I take them for fun (or doc’s fun) obviously)
The whole “Undifferentiated Schizophrenia” or “Schizoaffective disorder” (these are among the diagnoses I already have. But I have more) didn’t make any sense, no matter how much I read about them and tried to inject my mind with some “insight”. It just didn’t make sense. It didn’t click with me.
A few days ago I was just searching and came across “Cycloid Psychosis”. And man it makes sense. It also really much explains why I’m having many different distinct moods or “modes of consciousness” all the time.
The stuff I read that make sense to me/ which describes my life:
-Delusions of grandeur in cycloid psychosis have the element of self sacrifice in them (I hope that makes sense).
-They are very much preoccupied with the subject of death.
-People with cycloid psychosis have “swings”, pretty much like bipolar, but they swing between psychotic extremes rather than mood extremes (depression/mania, NOT). The extremes are 1. anxiety/Paranoia <->blissfulness 2. Changes in level of confusion and thinking (thinking disorder which swings from non to full apecrap as far as I understand) and changes in the ability to move (like swinging between mild Catatonia and flipping out, physically, like, the muscles. movement an such)
-The other thing which stroke me was that very often people with cycloid psychosis feel “perplexed” and confused. I’m perplexed all the time, although I function pretty much normally.
-Another thing is that these folks don’t have negative or cognitive symptoms. And it appears that the prognosis of the disease is pretty good (not in my case obviously, but generally speaking. But my cognition is pretty damn good and I don’t have much of negative symptoms. Just the crazy parts won’t get better)
Does anyone here has it? how does it differ from Schizophrenia?