Does anyone have a snapchat?

PM if you want my username

How do you work it?

Its an app you just sign up and send pics… have you been under a rock?

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I know what it is! I don’t know how it works. I’m making one and going to chat you

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Pistolpeteyg is my username

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Smprz84 chat me… aSap

K i just have to get ahold of the family iPad…

Bdragon14 :ghost:

I’m not seeing any SNAPS!!!

Nope i tried once didnt like it i stick to Facebook

Yeah, but only because I teach Internet Safety. Don’t use it beyond having to know how it works. The PM system here works fine. :slight_smile:



Let’s just say I popped out a few more grey hairs when my thirteen-year-old daughter informed me it was what the kids at school use. Most have since switched to Kik Messenger once I put the word out at School Council. Not an app you want your daughter using.


Funny story. When I got my new phone number, some teen girl started sending me snaps and wouldn’t believe I am not her friend.

Actually I don’t know if that is funny or not.

I downloaded the app when it first came out but had issues with the interface design. I got rid of it. :poop: