Does anyone have a problem with binge eating?


the last few years i have really developed a compusive eating habit. I’m actually thinking of going for therapy (which i hate) because i’m desperate to change but i can’t seem to be able to do it. I’m sure my mental health problems and emotional baggage have played a role in this. I keep trying to diet and than i eat badly and go back to dieting, etc. I feel like a drug addict thinking about their next hit sometimes when i’m thinking about binge eating. I never have done illegal drugs or smoked but this is a true problem for me. My meds also can cause weight gain too but honestly i don’t feel that is what is causing most of my problems.

Anyone else ever deal with this?


YES – I binged and purged terribly for several years. At least you apparently aren’t purging!


How did you cure yourself from doing it anymore?


I just got sick of it all – every time I wanted to purge, I had to hide in my bedroom and use a lined trash can instead of a toilet (because my parents would’ve heard me in the bathroom), and then hide the puke-bags in my closet. When my closet became full of them, which was often in spells when I was purging 10-15 times a day, I had to drive to public trash cans for disposal. It was just such a pain.


hypnotherapy could help , it helped my brother in law give up gambling and smoking in three sessions, my wife also has this dysmorphia thing and she said it has cut the negative thinking down 80% .
take care


I’m on a blog and you are not alone. A lot of people have trouble with this. Maybe these sites will help you get started in recovery from it. These types of behaviors can become addicting.


I started binge eating after I stopped taking adderall. That was years ago and I’m still eating like that.I just traded on addiction for another.


Thanks everyone for your comments. :slight_smile:


Do you think hypnotherapy could be used in Anorexia cases?



I would recommend CBT over hypnotherapy for the treatment of anorexia.

While hypnosis has been shown to work in some cases, the is a much larger success rate with CBT. Not to mention MUCH more research behind it.

“Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most effective therapies for anorexia. In cognitive behavioral therapy, the person learns to replace negative, unrealistic thoughts and beliefs with positive, realistic ones. The person is also learning to acknowledge their fears and develop new, healthier ways of solving problems.”

Source: Anorexia nervosa | University of Maryland Medical Center
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My parents have the kid sis signed up to begin CBT right after the new year. They were going to try and start earlier but we have a younger brother who needs some more intensive help for now. Thank you that.

I remember my CBT and it really helped me with a lot of stuff. That was way the parents were looking into it for her.

Thank you again. Your advice and insight is always welcome.


Your family sounds SO supportive of you and your siblings. I’m so glad that you have them in your corner!




if the patient has a willingness to heal , then i think the hypnotherapy would have some effect, i go for my sz and like i say it takes the edge off.
it works for me.
you can hear every word that is spoken , your mind is taken into a almost sleep zone , yet still awake. when i first did it i thought how is this going to work , but it did
for your sis she would need a lot of positive affirmations , the therapist would decide.
take care


I am a big binge eater. I eat when I am nervous, stressed, anxious, or bored. The meds don’t help
any. Lately I’ve been pretty bad with it. Maybe you can learn some relaxation exercises and try to stay hydrated.
I need to follow the advice I am giving a lot more.


Yes. I binge eat. Before my diagnosis I got very thin. Too thin. That didn’t change much in the early years after diagnosis. But meds have done a number on me. Along time ago I used to purge. I don’t anymore. So now I’ve got the med issues, a craving for carbs and emotional ties to eating. I’m hoping to start a high protein diet again and now that I have a new job I’m thinking of a treadmill or stationary bike in a free room. Otherwise I’m afraid I’ll end up needing lap band surgery or something at this rate.



Thank you for that. I think it really hep that they are both teachers. They see the good the bad and the ugly when it comes to kids and parents.


I binge eat almost every night. I dont purge but sometimes wish I was brave enough to.


Clozaril and zyprexa caused me to want to eat all the time, including late night binge eating.


its food addiction overeaters anon have support groups for people with eating problems including anorexia bulimia and food addiction.


I’m not saying you’re wrong. I was anorexic + bullemic. That was separate from the effect clozaril + zyprexa had on me.