Does anyone have a credit card

i just have a debit card… no credit cards

I recently had new work surfaces fitted in my kitchen called ‘Andromeda’, and it’s so cool as it’s gloss black and where the light hits it, the flecks of mirror in the material looks like stars of different colours.

The tiles where also replaced with these ones they use in the subways, and I had them with black grout so it doesn’t show discolouration as bad as white would.

Soon I am going to fit some grey wood effect laminate flooring - which I got half price in the sales, so can’t wait to get that done.

I have treated myself with all this, but I feel bad also about spending the money on it, because my business is still pretty new, and there is still a large amount of risk as to whether it has longevity.

Yes always save money !

PayPal and two cards.
They are all pretty much maxed out though. :poop:

Lol me too, my max credit card lol. But i always pay them back.

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Bunches of them, it’s not a good situation.

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I do have a credit card but my mom hides it because I always max it out although my limit is only 2500