Does anyone go to a drop in? or centre of some kind? ++ advice

I’ve just asked for the help of a centre locally to have me go with some actors and a director, to workshop my full length play.

Any one have any advice? any uk people go to MIND centre?

Any one have an idea whether the last week in Jan is a bad idea for this kind of thing with attendance ?

(maybe the last question is the stupidest but it’s really important)


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just been answering loads and this is way down the line

I was thinking of responding to this, then the Bump happened so…

I have never been to a drop in center though it is on my ever growing to do list these days. If at least just to check out their dual recovery meetings.

Wish I could be of some help here though, but I was merely reminded of a drama/art therapy center in the last city I lived in that did a lot of good work and then recently lost their state Medicaid funding and had to drop five hundred clients and lay off some really awesome staff.

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Yeah that is happening quite locally to here …

really good centre - which i think i would have used if it had been a bit nearer to me

they are just coming to the end of their 15 yrs funding window