Does anyone get visions

no I mean the terrorist and korea stuff.
The thing with your ex working for someone may be real and that probably feeds your thoughts about being a terrorist or the korea stuff.

I also images of terrorists being tortured in my garage.That my dad was torturing them. I believed it 100% and thought I would be tortured next. So I know there’s some visions that are fake. But I just don’t know about the other ones.

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I also used to write raps that I worry was terroristic writing. How do I know?

maybe your just creative and the terrorist was just a theme you went with. probably because it is a core thought from when a voice brought it up.

So is it illegal or terroristic? Like if my computer was hacked?

its not illegal or terroristic. its just an expressive thinking.

How do I know that for sure?

you wont know for sure. you just have to make a choice.

A choice of what?

of whether you believe what your doing is terroristic or not. you have to come to a decision on whether you think its true or not

I just don’t know what is true or not.

well, does it feel better to think its not a terorristic thinking or not. if you feel better knowing its just creativity then choose that.

Yes I just don’t want to get in trouble. Or I get worried that I am in trouble.

dont worry. your not in any trouble, your mind is just a bit haywire thats all. like most of us on the forum our mind is a bit haywire.