Does anyone get popping ears

Like it feels in a plane? The past few weeks I have been getting that. It doesn’t hurt. It makes it harder to hear. It is very weird.

I have some really loud ringing in my ears right now. It’s not too unpleasant, but I’m wondering if it might be an indication of a stroke or heart attack. Oh well, no one lives forever.

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I think I might know what that is. If I simulate a yawn I can always pop the hearing back into my eardrums.

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This happens to me on occasion also. I continue to wonder as to what it is associated with.

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Has the air pressure dropped in your area? I know in WV if you drive into the mountains your ears start to pop bc the air pressure drops. I don’t know. I could be wrong cause idk how it works.


All the time, it’s from glogged sinuses. I have it from constant allergies. My ears are always popping, sometimes they get stuck and I can’t hear for awhile. Pop em if you have to.


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