Does anyone get bullied a lot because of their differences?

Like at home, at work and while out? One time I went out with a guy that invited me out for a smoothy when I was like sixteen and the cashier looked at me like “OMG, you’re with her?” It scared me to death because he made me feel like I was doing something wrong, but this guy dragged me out with him.

I’ve removed myself from any situation where I might ever be bullied. It is working in that respect, but also failing to meet my social needs.


I’m intimidating looking…they leave me alone…I like it this way…I don’t mind if my friends pick on me to the point most would call it bullying…the favor is returned and we all laugh about it…so I guess no…not by anyone I don’t like…

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I have a really small head so I get bullied a lot by people that have normal shaped heads but I have a beautiful head of hair so I bully the bald

People just think im weird i don’t if its bulkying or not

I just muscle my way through the crowd and let em see the fire in my eyes.
No fear just a stone cold psychotic stare

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I may have but I don’t know how much of it was hallucinations. There was one part where I thought a bunch of people were flicking me off. Never knew why though as people never gave me an answer.

I’ve been bullied twice at work. It was horrible and I hope I never have to work with those people again!