Does anyone find they get more restless since having schitzophrenia?

SInce I had my first psychotic epside I constantly feel bored and restless. Anyone else like this?


I would say meds have helped cause more restlessness, but I do pace a lot since having sz


It started long before my psychosis for me.
but meds mostly fixed it.

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I’m more psychologically restless than physically restless. I’ve always been easily bored and distracted, but it’s gotten worse over the years.


This sums up how it is for me 90% of the time. The other 10% I’m ACTUALLY restless, fidgeting, pacing, constantly moving.

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I don’t even think about my fidgeting anymore. It’s become such a normal part of my existence that I forget until someone else points it out.

I paced before my psychosis but it’s worse now I think.

When I have too much free time, which is almost every day, I feel restless to do something and I feel discontent. But I don’t feel the need to move or to fidget.
Good question.

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I started getting restless around 30. That’s the time I was diagnosed schizoaffective. Before that I was fine.

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Yes ever since I got ill. It comes in the form of impatience irritability boredom from things.

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I’m more agitated but I’m pretty sure it’s the meds contributing to this.

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Yes. Its called anhedonia. Look it up. Its a common feature of sz. This will mask itself as restlessness, but its really cuz u cant enjoy things anymore and feel restless(bored)

Charcoal burns but ice melts, ur brain will melt into nothing sauce, enjoy the process.

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Yes, both physically (pacing a lot) and mentally (can’t stop or control my thoughts)…

I always yawned and stretched lazily, maybe because I am easy to tired.

Medicines can make you restless.


I was really restless for about 6 or 7 months after first being put on meds in 2015 and felt like I needed to be constantly moving. It was because I was taking 20mg of Zyprexa and Prozac.

absolutely. I have to take about a 20 minute break for every 30 minutes I read.


Maybe you’re having anxiety attacks.

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