Does anyone find a disparity between written communication and verbal?

I like writing, as I can make sure my words are used properly, and I can proof read, and make sure that I am getting my point across, and not miss anything important

Verbally I am unable to keep track of conversations, and when I am talking sometimes I miss the point of what I am saying and it becomes disjointed and sporadic etc

Can anyone relate?


Totally. I’m a blathering idiot, never reaching my point.

I used to be better at written over verbal communication until I took Latuda. My writing got terrible and I never completely recovered from it.

The written word can be taken so many different ways. There’s no voice tone…inflection…nuance and subtlety.

I prefer telephone communication over email. You get to the point quicker with less confusion.


I tend to focus on peoples lips moving or there nose crinkling or the eyes and I end up not really knowing what there saying.

I’ll even tell myself “pay attention pay attention pay attention” then all I see is lips moving lol.

It’s not always like that but I am not the best at listening

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I used to get into trouble for my emails when I had an office job. Some people don’t like honesty !

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Yeah. I find it easier to write too

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I’m really bad at remembering conversations and can’t remember names unless I see them written down or can picture their spelling in my head. If I do see them in writing then I remember them very well.

I’m a bad listener as I drift away too much but when I read messages I can be much more attentive. This is why I am phone call phobic but love whatsapp and emails.

I much prefer communication in writing than spoken!

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I am much better at writing than talking. I often stutter and forget my points verbally. Not sure if it is due to schizophrenia or lack of practice.

I wonder if this is a cognitive thing associated with SZ.

Distorted speech was listed as one of thirty warning signs on some cheatsheet that I read for nurses or whoever. It doesn’t seem as if that alone is enough to suspect schizophrenia specifically.

I agree with this a lot. People have a hard time following my train of thought when I’m speaking.

Yes. I find conversation really hard. Often I have ideas that I want to convey, start doing so and then just get lost in the process.
With text I can always rewrite things if they don’t make sense.

I like both. For me there are weaknesses and benefits.

The good thing about talking to people is that your point comes across more exact since you can underly your words with the tone of your voice combined with facial expression and body language. The minus is that you can lose track of what people are talking about or not hear properly what they said.

With writing it easier to be more specific, manifest yourself and really give a good thought through answer. And also you get concrete manifested answers from others. The minus with written communication is that it is easier to be misunderstood or misinterpited. Your mood may actually influence how you perceive written communication and for instance you can picture the words in your mind as being agressive or meaning something else than what the author intended.

Fairly normal, and yes, I can relate. And it’s that disparity that helps explain literature. Sure you get oral literature, but communicating at the level of James Joyce or Kafka would be unthinkable without the written medium.

Verbal communication is more readily remembered by the recipient. It’s generally more effective.

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