Does anyone feel like

Sometimes I feel okay for a bit and I am able to feel happy & motivated for a few seconds-minutes. But then…My brain just “drops”. Like that feeling on a rollercoaster when your heart/stomach “drops” but its my brain falling to the floor under the weight of thoughts I can’t control that make me feel completely hopeless. :frowning: Especially when someone says a certain thing that triggers my anxiety, I freeze up in my brain and my mouth wants to speak but I can’t, because my brain is falling to the bottom of the infinite void.

Does anyone feel similar? I don’t really know how to describe it


Yes, thank you for sharing. This happens a lot with me. :purple_heart:


It might be anxiety
I have lots of anxiety it is really hard to talk

not exactly but sometimes someone will say something that gets me to thinking and i’ll miss the rest of the conversation cause i’m off in my thoughts. like my mind is wandering.

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