Does anyone feel like they haven't accomplished the things they set or wanted to do?

I’ve been called intelligent(therapist), really smart( English instructor) highly intelligent( an inpatient psychiatrist), and an intellectual ( therapist. I don’t feel that way.
But when I refer to those words I think of a student with a extremely high grade point average and that’s where I falter( it’s exceedingly low). I also have ADHD in addition to Schizoaffective Disorder.
I can’t drive and I still can’t hold onto a job due to being symptomatic.
I can’t manage money either.

Does anyone feel like they’re not living up to their potential?


I think everyone feels like that to a certain extent.

You just have to work on it,

Take baby steps toward attainable goals.


You have to lower your expectations but you can still accomplish a lot.


I feel like I did accomplish nothing.I still have prejudices and doubt in knowledge about many things in life.But I’m learning again.

I’ve accomplished most everything I’ve ever wanted to do but I have a few more dreams:
Buy a second rental property in Omaha.
Visit Spain and Portugal
Visit Ireland
Visit Israel
Become a professional level pianist.

Yeah I’m way behind where people typically are in life. Like, way behind.

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