Does anyone ever get scared of really going crazy

Like not just hearing voices and believing weird ■■■■ crazy, like full on I-can’t-control-myself-I-could-do-some-evil-■■■■ crazy. I feel pretty in control of myself, but I wonder if I was pushed hard enough and something snapped in my brain if I would go over the edge. Interesting to think about.

yes, all the time, i tried to come off meds and i did go crazy but took them again and now its better, i am a bit gutted i need meds though but i thank god every day that they are there :slight_smile: haleluyah haha


All the time. Ever since I was a kid. I’ve felt like I’m on the edge many times and I fear losing control completely.

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No. I am fine. I am doing well.


I am not aggressive nor hateful and I do not self harm.

(Except when I slapped myself to get them out of my body)
I slapped hard repeatedly saying get out of my body.

And when I thought my soul mate would stop having sex with others if I cut the soul of my foot.
I am a pussy so it only just bled but I did it repeatedly so I could not walk on my feet for some time but no scars I know of.

I do not think of hurting anyone.
Nor do I want too.

I pray for the animals I eat as I eat meat n pray for meat industry spirit flow palliative care etc

I am scared of not coping n getting overwhelmed and psychosis again and hospitalisation.

Specially if I am being pushed to do things I can not do cause I know myself and they do not.

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I don’t have to imagine it. It actually happened. I was involuntarily hospitalised.

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I worry some lately about getting older and losing my mind totally.


I got scared a few times that I might go crazy and harm people. It got to the extent where I wanted to take my life. I would have rather been dead then harm people.


Well, I have to admit, there are people I would like to go off on and see how crazy I really could get. But I’m pretty much in control. When I worked unloading trucks my enemies there asked me more than once why I did not get mad. You know you’re in bad shape when you’re tormentors are giving you helpful advice.
I’ve had schizophrenia for 37 years but I have only laid my hands on one person and we both know he deserved it. I take pride in never getting violent, but you reach a certain age and you have a lot less tolerance
for idiots.

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It can happen. I took some Piracetam and lost my mind, attacked my dad in a blind rage. Blacked out for a lot of it.

I worry I’ll lose my memory as I get older as it’s already starting to sputter