Does anyone else's phone vibrate when you give a "like"

When I push the :heart: icon to give a like, my phone now in a very subtle way vibrates. It’s almost unnoticeable but it’s there.


I think my phone gave me the option to let my phone do this. Still don’t think I have seen it happen though.


Do you use the app or the mobile site? I use mobile site and mine does not vibrate.

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I use the mobile site on chrome on android. I’ll log out and log in again to see if it goes away.

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No my phone doesn’t vibrate.

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It’s still happening. Let me download firefox to see if it happens on that.

I use Chrome on Android and I get the little vibration too, when I hit the like button. :parrot::parrot::parrot:

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This is what I got on firefox when I pressed :heart:.

I can’t see how to turn it off in chrome yet.


Wow, I didn’t know that was possible. I do have notifications turned on on my laptop, so that’s why I answer posts so fast. It only notifies you of mentions and replies though.

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I can’t see how to turn it off in chrome.

Arggghhh :weary:

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