Does anyone else think schizophrenia took everything away in your life

It took away my promising career at the local council, and it certainly was instramental in fouling up my marriage. And it landed me in prison a few times as well.

But you know what? I wouldnt change a bloody thing. I learnt alot thru my suffering, and its made me a better person for it.


I am really grateful for sz. Saved me from being ignorant for sure. I got a much better understanding for suffering. It gave me a bigger insight and a lot to think about. I am glad, i could have turned out to be very judgemental. I just don’t know a life without sz, i got to live with it.


I lost my wife and kids my house and my car. Pretty much everything.

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Sza took away my going to varsity

Took away potential boyfriends

Took away my ability and interest in work

Still don’t have driving licence after eight years of driving because I’m too demotivated with the six failures

Tried five convents but failed to be a nun

Don’t have a job or income or money

And so on…

But at least I’m still married after eight years. And I found God and still pray.

So at least I still have my husband and my faith

It’s tenuous and I’m so scared sza will take that away too. It’s been a real thief in my life.

But I’ve learned compassion and who my real friends are. And who God is. And I don’t regret it one bit.

And that’s better than any money or job. People count more.

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But didn’t it lower your quality of life? I think I would be more happy and more functional and have a higher life quality if I didn’t have sz.

Not really, im on medication. I have medicare and medicaid. SDDI. Im back on my feet again. Its little bump on road. Dont let the illness define you.

is it not better to be hypersexual and have an addiction than to not be able to get out of bed. Just a thought

Oh it got me into prostitution. I wanted sex when my gf was at work. It was that bad!

Yes it did but I’ve accepted it and I have a story to share :blush: it has made me more understanding of others with MI and I want to share my experiences and help break stigma. It’s hard but I wouldn’t change it.

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Sounds like fun. Joking a little. My problem right now is that I’m on xeplion and I don’t have any sex drive at all I want to change to abilify but I’m a bit scared

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Well, i used to have friends, I used to go to parties and chat with females, I was smart, thin, funny and deep, I had fun and loved (mostly) myself, I had great conversations all night long, I was so happy…

Now I have no friends and seldom enjoy anything in life

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Honestly I would have continued if I didn’t empty my bank account and retreat cash from my Visa and having debts that I couldn’t pay. My parents paid my debts and its been 2 years that I stopped Abilify and that I didn’t see a single prostitute. I would rather have no sex drive than having extreme sex addiction.
But what"s better is that Vraylar is the same as Abilify but no addiction and hypersexuality side effects according to the FDA.

SZA took my education, took my social life, took a lot of things.


I was even working and money wasn’t enough to pay for protitutes. It was extreme sex addiction, I wanted sex every hour. I felt like an animal and was masturbating 6 times per day, I had testicular pain.

Hope Vraylar works good for you. Sound like a really bad addiction.

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Thanks @Liridon_Gashi


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