Does anyone else suffer from an inability to sit and stand still?

for me, it doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s persistent. my doc said it was ‘unspecified anxiety’, cause i guess he didn’t think generalized anxiety fit. it feels like a physical type of anxiety, it’s not like fear or worry as many other types of anxiety, that sound like they’re ‘just in one’s head’.

i’m not sure if it’s part of the schizophrenia i have… all i know is i have a separate diagnosis for anxiety.


Yes, I have difficulty being still. I start to shake and want to exit.

Yes I can not stand still and have to walk around in my room. If I sit, then I need to smoke most of the time. I once did a candle meditation for longer than ten minutes, I just was sitting and watching at the candle burning. That I could handle, but I wouldn’t repeat it anymore, I got totally edge afterwards.

I’m always nervous and on the edge. Smoking calms it down, but wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else if they’re no smokers. Probably the reason besides of addiction because I smoke.

I can’t stand myself like I’m without any distraction or moving. Even when I lay in bed then I move fingers or feet. It’s not 24/7, instead really a lot.


do you consider your anxiety to the point that it’s disabling? what diagnosis’s do you have?

Paranoid Schizophrenia is my diagnosis. I’m on social security, and in the process of getting a disability pension. I hope it will get granted, I don’t know what to do else. I’m unable to work since my diagnosis.

But to answer your question, yes, I have no real structure besides cigarettes, and still having delusions that take a lot away from my life.

what would happen if you did try to work?

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I tried couple times while in psychosis. The delusions get so hard and come that often so that I can’t really think or take action. I need guidance when I’m working, and most jobs are not like that.

I have a hard time standing or sitting still. Laying down on the floor is the only way to be still.

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do you take any anxiety medication? or do you take anything for it, and what do you take?

I get Risperidone twice a day through a nursing service and Xeplion once every four weeks.

In school I couldn’t sit still. I used drugs to help calm me, but the drugs could have caused schizophrenia. I’ve always sweated a lot but Abilify has stopped that and I find I can sit still now without figeting. Only side effect of abilify is sexual dysfunction for me, but maybe I was over thinking about sex that caused me to sit uncomfortably all my life.

Do you think it could be something like akathisia?

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