Does anyone else panic at night?

Oh, okay. I’m so sorry for the misunderstanding.

Maybe checking out the book that Hedgehog was talking about could help you out? It seems like a pretty useful book. Using magnesium oil can help you go to sleep. I’m not sure if you like tea or not, but if you do, try drinking caffeine-free herbal tea. Chamomile and valerian are some teas that can help you sleep.

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My paranoia and anxiety spikes happen at night. I just feel like something is stalking the house… or someone is going to break in… lots of head circus hits me at night.

I’m better then I was… but it still hits me.

I also sleep walk like no other…

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Since I doubled my dose of Wellbutrin I have been getting a little jittery at night - almost panicing. I think it is going to go away.

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I don’t exactly panic, but I don’t look forward to night time as that is when I take my Risperdal, and by around the same time my Concerta has worn off. I’m much more motivated in the morning when I anticipate taking my next dose of Ritalin, which gets me going, and then Concerta at noon and because most of the grogginess from my Risperdal has worn off by then.

My symptom’s where always worse at night then at any time. I just hang on till my meds kicked in and hoped to fall asleep soon.

My first episode happened in the middle of the night it woke me from my sleep. I panic and felt intense fear. I evenually fell asleep on my own. But I know how you felt and I hope you get better with the panicing.