Does anyone else not let people in their house?

It’s been 4 years since we’ve had people over. It makes me very nervous to have people in my house. Also the last time my mother in law came over she said i have no pride in where I live. I try to keep it clean as possible but it’s not spotless. I try

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I dont let my friends in my house. Maybe I may let one friend when I have my own house.


I was in a book discussion club years ago,

and the woman running it wanted us to meet and discuss the book
at each different house of the women in the group.

I told her, huh, this isn’t Better Homes and Gardening, this is about a book, it should be at the library, or a coffee house.

She says to me, It’s never been a problem.

Ok, I’m the problem child. whatever. I left the group.

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Tel her to cut you a $10,000 check and her wayfair account and she’ll see ‘pride’


Only people that come in my flat, is the cleaner for 2 hours a week, and the depot nurse for my jab every 4 weeks.

Its my personal mancave - and im not overwelmed with people that might wanna visit anyway. Hell im roaming around starkers some days anyway when its hot outside lol.


I get the same crap when I have people over tho.

I feel like every room should be furnished nicely and I should get new carpet, etc

Look, if someone else pays for me to live in a nice house I’m not against it.



I have someone over to my house almost everyday.

Right now we have guests for the week and my husband’s pool league people come over all the time.

I don’t have a problem letting people in my house, but I don’t like having to keep it so super clean.

it’s good to be coming around after Rona, isn’t it.

last year we had a few visits, and it was so good to talk in person.

when in doubt, we have our deck, and that should be safe.

most of us weren’t able to celebrate the holidays last year with family,

I know I didn’t. I left gifts on the front step.


We didn’t have anyone over during COVID.

Now that all our friends are vaccinated,

We’ve started going to parties and hosting them.


Since getting sick I’ve barely had anyone over other than my mum and one close friend. It’s too tiring and easier to go out and see people. It’s another lockdown where I live right now so I have the perfect excuse not to have anyone over.

I do my best to avoid it. My wife likes having guests over and I don’t. I sort of bump along with the bare minimum to avoid getting divorced. The lockdowns were wonderful, it’s a shame they’ve ended. It was against the law to have people in your home for over half a year and that kept my wife’s family out.

This the only downside of the vaccines.

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I quite agree. It was nice to wonder in an empty supermaket or street, and not have so many people the anxiety creeps in. Its why before they started doing same day deliverys at iceland - i would do my shop in tescos at 3am in the morning.

Me and busy places dont mix.

Same here. I want to pimp slap people who ask if “I’m excited about getting back to normal?” No. Normal sucked and was hard on me. Permanent lockdowns would be my choice.

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When I answer the door my first instinct is to just visit at the door or conduct our business at the door but people actually ask to come in either directly or by their body language. So I let them. I don’t mind it. My place is tidy all except the dishes in the sink and most people only stay a little bit.

hon, if you’re still waiting on the dishes, just go in the kitchen, and organize everything, bowls stacked together on the counter, plates stacked together, all the cups, and silverware.

that’s the first step. it makes it easier for anyone helping, or when you come back to it.

we have a dishwasher, so I only like to do dishes by hand in the winter, to warm up. Except pans and big bowls, I don’t put them in dishwasher.
Phil is partially OCD, so he’s always gotta have a clean kitchen.
He does a lot of it.

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No one visits here, i have lived here 12 year and maybe 4 people have been here

Actually that’s good advice, and I do have them all rinsed and stacked on the counter. It really wouldn’t take that long, I’m just being lazy.

I understand. I’m not exactly lazy, I’m just pre-occupied. ha.

I’ll take care of things before the dogs come.

when in doubt, use paper plates. ha.

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One good thing is I have very few dishes so not that many can get dirty at once.