Does anyone else know how to deal with others hearing your thoughts and how to fix it?

Hey, so I’m having a problem. I can’t be around others because I fear that they can hear my thoughts. It’s like you can hear my thoughts. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, how did you fix it?

Meds. I got lucky with my meds. It’s not real , it only feels real.

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Medication along with insight

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Ok it might not be real but ppl actually respond to my thoughts. And i dont want them to know my thoughts.

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What meds did you take?

Abilify 15mg…

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Hi what meds did you take?

Ok Thank you. How long were you on meds before you started to see a difference? How long did the meds take to work?

About a month .

And can you describe what it was like without the medication

I felt I was broadcasting my thoughts and everyone knew what I was thinking.

Ok I will discuss ability with my doctor. Can I ask, have you ever felt that others were watching you? On camera, micro chip, or anything else?

Yes I felt I was being watched by cameras in the TV etc. That took about a year to go away after I was put on meds. Like I said, I just got lucky. The meds worked for me.

Ok I’m definitely going to try abilify lol. Did you take any other medicine with that?

No, I just take abilify. Everybody’s different though so I hope you have some luck with it if you try it.

Ok I’ll discuss it with my doctor. And also when you use to think cameras were on you did you hear ppl talking about you?

No I didn’t …

Oh ok @everhopeful

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I was taken off my meds when I spent a short time in jail after going about the town on an episode. I began to believe I was being recorded by cameras in the cell and that others could hear my thoughts and I could hear theirs. As I was about to leave after several months, they sent me to a hospital and got me back on the meds. I think I could have called for bail but I was too psychotic to know that.

I went from a raving lunatic to a mild mannered, average guy with full competence within that month. Medicine is amazing.

On my meds I don’t get these thoughts. It’s pretty much as simple as that. I credited my own insight but it was probably the meds that allowed me to let go of that belief. I still deal with hallucinations but not so much paranoia or thought insertion/broadcasting.

I really hope you can get this symptom under control, as I can say from experience it’s not pleasant. If I were you I’d ask the psychiatrist for help, either a dose reduction or increase or a new medicine. I know I post a lot in the first person, but I wanted you to have an example of someone who had it, but then it went away.

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Thank you i appreciate it