Does anyone else have this problem?

I try and talk or text and i have so much to say i jumble all my words together and up having to go over the topic multiple times?

Or having the feeling like everyone is going against the things you say on the inside?

Or that things are working against you like everything, phones, cars, animals, tvs, computers?

I had to sell my car cuz she was messing up everytime id feel like that overwhelming oppression and opposition. .

Obviously i am diagnosed schiz so i was just wondering if anybody else felt this way…

And how they had me on risperidal, zyprexa, lorezepam, zoloft and i felt like that was killing me because my physical wasnt matching my mental, like my body wouldnt cooperate and my mind would super zoom and focus on how everyone was basically out to get me

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The animals huh?

The spies you mean?

Like the birds in lord of the rings? They can be used as spies.

Oh yes, they go against the things i say, but of course, almost everything entirely. I don’t give a ■■■■ though because they sound like they are just memorizing things without understanding them. I mean they really don’t think a whole lot to be honest.

It’s funny as hell to because they just keep neglecting and abusing eachother but they talk to me like im the bad one! It makes no ■■■■■■■ sense at all! Ha!

Yeah they’ll sabotage stuff like a car. This one time they invited me to stay with them and started holding a knife to my throat so when i left my muffler fell off all of a sudden. And then some other dudes stole it after i sat up all night hearing voices telling me to give it to them because they really needed it and they were awesome people.

I was pegged from an early age actually. I remember them walking the halls at night and telling me i was schizophrenic in third grade in my head, they were always there it seems. It’s been really bad. I also remember them telling me to kill myself inside, like they were suggesting it but i didn’t know it was them so it felt foreign and made no sense to me.

I still don’t know why really.

When I have much to say I mix up words or start stuttering. But that is my tourette’s I think.

I feel ppl are against me. That my boss sees me as retarded.

Thank you both for responding, i think it all comes down to good and evil. I was in the military so i can even put it in logical algorithms. 1 and 0. 1 is all things good and 0 is all things not good. There is no middle ground. And btw comatose i dont think your retarded at all. I think your boss has some heart issues they havent dealt with and are projecting it on you because you are clear headed and open hearted. And @pansdisease i hear you but like i said on my other post they cannot touch you physically. Period. Know you have God on your side,not because we earned it but because He has to be a 1all the time, He is unchanging and can never be a 0

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that is pretty much black and white thinking.

i rather think: this this this,etc and that.
so more a natural gradual curve, then an off and on switch

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thought i would say hi.
take care

Sounds like you might need some more work on your meds. Do you pay attention to what happens when you make a change?

i was on zyprexa. risperidol, zoloft and ativan all at the same time. still felt crazy and super comatose. now im on a higher dose of zyprexa and i feel even crazier. i feel least schiz when im on no medication

Maybe you are on the wrong ones and/or too many.

They have though, three times they got physical now.

Once they shocked me, it hurt really bad, while it happened they appeared to me.

Once they burned me, it left two marks on my hand, they appeared again while it happened.

And once not to long ago i was laughing at the eyes wide shut orgies and they grabbed my lower back and bent it, i began gasping for air because of it. That was a strange night.

They took me off all of them except zyprexa

Thats because you allow them too by thinking they can. You gotta realize you hold all the power. Ive had very extreme visions as well with people that were all in my face flickin their slit like tongue and all black and red eyes, and these were real people. But once i concluded they cant hurt me never had to worry again. The evilness is just a big ass loser who tries what they can to get us to believe in their false power. They have no power or authority over you

No really, they can hurt people and do it often.

We as human beings have no power or authority over them.

I didn’t think they could until they actually did it.

And there are no doorways, they are simply just with us and can freely interact with our world when they please.

If they felt like it you’d already be dead, some though they wish to torment for a time, it’s not the same with everyone. And yes a vision can cause harm, it causes extreme stress and agitation, things like that.

Right but they are unable to touch you if you BELIEVE THAT THEY CANT! IF YOU BELIEVE THEY CAN, THEY CAN. thats it and thats all.

My beliefs have nothing to do with anything.

This is a trick and a lie.

They can if they want.

Now what does this trick do exactly? If a person actually believes that their beliefs effect the situation in anyway what would that do? It would give them a false sense of security and they would drop their guard would they not?

Whether or not a person believes they can or can’t has no effect at all on whether they can or can’t or will.

People shouldn’t tell eachother these things because they aren’t true at all. you’d have people walking around imagining they were safe and can’t be touched if they believe they can’t, it would cause trouble.

They cant and unfortunately for you because you dont believe what i am telling you they are able to physically effect you. I believe that they cant so in all reality they cant. And that is why they never have. Your mind is a powerful thing and only you have the power to control it. I hope your able to see my side of things and hopefully try what im saying and see how it works for you

Are you sure there mate?

They showed me they could so i know they can and often do.

And no my mind is easily manipulated and controlled, we’re wide open for such things actually, all of us are, we’re sitting ducks in this way. Needless to say it’s not always people doing what they do.

You believe this and they allow you to believe it, it suits them just fine, it even helps them if you do.

Sometimes it takes a lot of trial and error to get the meds + doses that are best for you. Also to decide whether you’re better off on or off the medicine. It might take time. I think they did the right thing in taking you off everything but Zyprexa for now. If it doesn’t seem right for you and at the higher dose, tell the Dr what it seems to be doing to you. Take an active part in your medicine management. If you don’t care that’s OK too.

The bible app helps me alot, i play it to me all the time and it reaffirms the points ive given, as well as reassuring me that God has me, and my enemies (which are the evil) are His. Its nice to g back to the old testament and listen to how He handled things