Does anyone else have this effect from meds?

Real life doesn’t seem as crisp or vidid on meds, that’s the best way I can explain it. Like there’s a filter between you and reality, that makes things seem less real.


I feel that way, but it’s nothing to do with meds. It’s just the disease in my case.

I still remember when that happened to me, I was about 17 and the world went from being “3d” to being “2d”.


Now that you mention it for me it’s partially meds and also a bit of my brain changing to an abnormal state some years before diagnosed.

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Yes I feel like ■■■■ on meds. I was happier and had more emotions off meds. More energy too.


That’s not a problem I have had and I have been on a lot of different meds over the years.

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Hey @magz !

Yeah, foggy and tired all day.

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Color has changed a lot over the years, they are very bright but I feel bad inside.

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I get a similar thing but for me its more an emotional disconnect from things around me and also my mind is a bit slower. Things still feel very real to me though. Just not as impactful if that makes sense.
But yeah its difficult from person to person to tell wether its meds or illness. Or something else entirely. But im no dr.

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Things can affect my reality a little bit

when i was on olanzapine i felt something like that i dont know whether it’s from the disease or olanzapine.after that i disconnected olanzapine and started lurasidone i which is much better than olanzapine regarding my visual processing to people and reality. then lately i developed a delusion that there is people surrounding me and able to see me when there is no one besides me and my vision to objects was wrong and delusional. after that i started taking green coffee beverage which helped me not only in weight loss but also in getting rid of this delusion and made me stick to reality and making my vision and visual processing back to normal.

For me it’s also cause of illness, not cause of meds…

Thanks, I’ve been trying to put that into words for a long time and that describes it well. When I lived by myself for 6 years I would wake up alone and happy and them it would hit me that I have schizophrenia and that filter would come up and my world would look dark.

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Overall I know it will sound strange…

When I was delusional - I enjoyed part of my delusions. I was a God, I was the most beautiful one… rich etc. my reality view was distorted.

When I “woke up” from psychosis… I felt nervous, awkward and at the same time sad and anxious about what I was thinking during psychosis.(and mostly I worried about stupid things I did)

And strangest part - I even felt… partially depressed, because in reality I am a very… casual, average or whatever woman.

Long time ago I got used to it. With delusions my life seemed more important, meaningful. I know it’s a bit strange. Even when now I have rare delusions, they make my life more meaningful… and worse. Because whenever I actually start to believe them my life seems to fall apart.

And yup, SZ sometimes can mean having 2 totally opposite realities. Mine is like that. Where in one I am just me, normal girl, and in orher… the most important person on this earth.