Does anyone else have constant anxiety?

i don’t usually notice it because it gets so uncomfortable to be constantly on edge that i usually disassociate and go to a neurotic state of constant thought cycles and voices and am only half aware of what i’m meant to be doing with my physical body.

How do you cope?

i guess i usually hear voices and get deeply fearful at that point. but my anxiety is constant.

I have super bad anxiety.

Therapy helped me a lot,

They can teach you a lot of techniques to control those uncomfortable feelings.

You should give it a try.

ok, thanks. what type of therapy did you do?


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,

It makes a big difference.

i am kind of scared of the therapist yelling at me. but i feel like that with everyone. could be worth a try. :slight_smile:

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i tried really hard to feel how i felt without intellectualizing today… and everytime i got paranoid that i would hear voices i told myself it was ok and came back to the present. but i basically had to do it constantly all day. i only worked an hour but im so exhausted that it feels like ive worked 8. :confused:

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