Does anyone else have alogia?

I have really strong alogia. It’s the only symptom I suffer from after all my medications. Have you ever had alogia? If so how long did it take before it got better or what med ameliorated it?

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well, to be honest, that is hard to treat. Some meds may even worsen it. I didnt speak much at all before I got on meds unless I was drunk. Or so people report…

three meds should help better than most with it: Geodon, Seroquel, and Clozapine
also anything referred to as “third generation” or “partial agonist” might help, those are newer and not quite as well-known.

I took Geodon for a number of years and improved. Now on Rexulti, a “third generation” med.

The problem with the “partial agonists” or “third generations” is that they crap out, they quit working in like 5 years.


I’m currently on 600 or 400 seroquel (sometimes I take less) and 2mg Rexulti. The seroquel cured my alogia for the first week I was on it but after that it came back. I was also on geodon for a couple of months but I discontinued due to suboptimally controlled positive symptoms. I was also on zyprexa for a number of months but it kept running out at the end of the day before I took the next dose and I would become psychotic for a number of hours during the night. It was very unpleasant. I also had significant dysphoria on zyprexa and I felt somewhat cognitively impaired. The reason I haven’t tried clozaril is because it is similar to zyprexa so it would probably have similar effectiveness (zyprexa was a bit of a disappointment).

If Seroquel craps out after a number of years maybe my pdoc can switch me over to clozapine. Then again it might just make me tired and fat and do nothing for my alogia.

My main hopes are the new antidepressants coming out and maybe some of the pipeline meds.

In the meantime I’m really struggling with the alogia. I have an atypical case in that I have very mild negative symptoms with the exception of the alogia. It’s all consuming and it has been ruining my life for the past year since I got sick. I’ve only had schizophrenia since June 2015.

You talk about coffee/caffeine alot in your other posts. Once I drank a small cup of coffee (this was when I was on geodon) and it cured the alogia for about 15 minutes. I wonder what that indicates about my brain chemistry. According to my reading alogia is caused by frontostriaital dysfunction. Do you know any medications that could treat/alter that?

I have this image which suggest aripiprazole might be helpful for verbal fluency:

From what I’ve read on the forum abilify often has disappointing results so I’m not planning on trying it.

It really feels terrible to not be able to speak and it makes it very difficult for me to reintegrate back into society. I’ve even been considering suicide lately because I just feel so dysfunctional and lonely. This is no quality of life. Unfortunately it seems like my brain has simply failed to normalize. I’m hoping I can find some way out of this otherwise I feel like my life has been put on hold.


I used to have alogia at past.i used to only can speak fluently the people ı trust.but after medication all alogia symptom past.i m on 100mg invega sustenna

Wait up a second

Rexulti? I take that. It’s refined abilify. It should work a bit. I’m sorry that you haven’t found relief from your alogia with it. That must be frustrating to deal with.

There is the option of varencicline. It works on nicotine receptors. It may actually have a stimulating effect that shouldn’t make you psychotic. It’s an option, but nicotine dependence is a bitch (as I have my ecig in my lap with my pharmacology manual)…ask about it perhaps.

Maybe try and antidepressant such as celexa, cymbalta or remeron. They are known to bring the downside up in general. Just my thoughts. I would at least ask about em.

I was on celexa for a while. It helped with feeling down, it made me happy. It didn’t exactly make me speak that much, it more relieved social anxiety and made public feel less threatening.


Varenicline is for smoking cessation according to a study I’ve read it has no impact on cognition in schizophrenics.

My only issue with antidepressants is that sometimes they can make you flat and wI still have my emotional palate intact and I would like to keep it that way.

I’m currently on Brintellix but I’ve tried fluoxetine. I had bad sexual dysfunction and anhedonia on fluoxetine so not all antidepressants work for everyone. :thinking:

I was also on celexa for a couple of weeks but I was putting it under my tongue and spitting it out because I didn’t believe I was sick (I wasn’t).

Hopefully I’ll get better with time it’s only been a year and sz symptoms seem to fluctuate over long periods of time.

well fluoxextine sort of sucks, it makes people too chill, more like just flat. Celexa seems to have a milder record and is less harmful in terms of side effects unless you are on over 40mg.

It is a good happy pill for most. It boosts serotonin within a month or so. Serotonin is studied to help moderately with negative symptoms.

but brintellix hits the serotonin too.


From what I’ve read brintellix works on multiple serotonin receptors throughout the brain more so than other antidepressants.

I wonder why doctors keep prescribing the older tried and true antidepressants. Maybe they just don’t want to let go?

All the drugs that are out now work by the same mechanisms as their prototypes from the 1950s. The pharmaceutical industry has run out of ideas and I find that kind of depressing (maybe pdoc needs to up my antidepressant)

I’ve been on risperdal before (generally the same thing as invega) and it didn’t help me. Then again it might have just been sz which was in its early stages at that time… Maybe you got better because time passed?

Anyway thanks for your input bro, it is well appreciated.

Thanks for posting this I didn’t know what it was. I feel so incapacitated by medication and stress sometimes. It happens intermittently to me. I get so depressed and I just don’t feel like I could talk if I needed to sometimes. It takes a couple of weeks for medication side effects that would cause it to resolve itself. I think it happens because Depression is a part of Schizophrenia in the first place, and then the medication makes it worse by shutting down certain activities in your brain and it can’t process chemical signals properly anymore.

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When I had severe alogia I wouldn’t dare post anything on an internet forum. You are getting better already. It just takes a while to fade.


I also have alogia and can confirm caffeine works for up to 4 hours at a time.