Does anyone else have a hard time ignoring people?

Especially while driving. Every fool on the road distracts me. If I try to ignore them they want attention on purpose.

People enter my awareness and it’s locked in. I’m a pretty good driver. I telepathically harass people on the road when the ■■■■ up. Missed turn signal… Even stopping at light in between lanes.(got and intersection that is particularly bad). People who speed and change lanes just to get stuck behind some one else.

Once this dude on a bike passed me at high speeds. There was an exchange in my mind. End up next to him at the next light and I was like see there’s no reason to speed. As soon as it turned green he took off again. I wasn’t even in the wake. The dude was far ahead.

Anyways there is no telepathy or people would be better drivers in the first place.

But yeah I can’t ignore ■■■■. Prolly why I’m sz.