Does anyone else get bloated?

almost every time i eat i get bloated :frowning: and my tummy gets sore,

feels like i am pregnant or something

i wish i didnt get bloated all the time

does anyone else have this problem?


Yep. I sit at a desk all day. The nonmovement is not good after eating. I just started drinking hot tea after dinner. It works! I am assuming you are talking about after a meal?

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yes but i take a probiotic called yakult and eat kiwi friut after dinner, as this breaks down all your food and helps with digestion.
take care


Try adding a probiotic to your diet. Yogurt maybe?


sorry, i just assumed that it was normal for this to happen but it cant be,

maybe i need to see a doctor about this, its pretty bad :frowning:

If you are a girl it can be pretty normal. But if you get on a birth control that stops you period it might stop the bloating.

try food allergy test or just cut out gluten 9wheat) for a few weeks and eat non processed foods…