Does anyone else get anxious on this forum?

I just don’t feel confident that’s why.

But being here is better than not being here :woman_cartwheeling: :slight_smile:

I used to be anxious posting on the old site when I was on Abilify.
But today I’m on Risperdal and I’m fine.
But I still feel uncomfortable posting on certain threads at times.

Recently I started thinking if what if one of my patients ever started going on here. I doubt they’d be able to recognize me though because I don’t share in depth stories from work or anything. Still it makes me a bit antsy. I can see why other people left this site once going into the medical field. But this site has been really important in helping me out, grounding me and making me feel supported and less alone and I don’t want to give that up.

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I don’t think anyone’s going to recognize you @Anna. You’re very good at not posting personally recognizable information.

What’s funny is that you do remind me of a nurse I had on a ward. She was very open about her depression with the patients, though. She discussed how she understood when we were feeling down.

I think you can use your experiences to really help your patients


I am always anxious but im not so anxious here its a little therapeutic


Yes one thing that has been sort of shocking to me in this field is the lack of empathy from fellow staff. So far I have only been with one nurse who actually cared about interacting with her patients. The others seemed to do whatever they could to avoid it outside of necessary assessments.

Many of the staff do not even act like they view the patients there as people but rather talk about them as though they are wild animals. It is crazy to me and very frustrating.

A few of the good staff will share with me as if it’s some big secret “they just want you to LISTEN to them!” no doy!!!

If someone hunts me down and tries to make me feel shame for this condition, that says a lot about them.

I am who I am, and this illness isn’t a sign of being a bad person, or a sign of any failing other then one of health.

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I Honestly Haven’t Been Anxious Over Anything in a Very Long Time. Jus Annoyed.

And Sometimes Find Myself Loathing Certain Behavior. But, That Can’t Be Avoided.

So Ugh, it Jus is an Endless Parade.

Green Day~ ‘Macy’s Day Parade’. (Song/Video/2020).

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