Does anyone else feel ‘robbed’ of their life because of psychosis?

It rarely bothers me. But I do have moments (and they are not often) where I get depressed about all of the things that I used to have going for me.

I drove by my old house in a neighboring town this morning and had one of those depressed moments.

I bought a house at 23 years old and left it to get foreclosed on when I got sick. I was too paranoid to live in the house and basically threw away the 20% I put down on the property and 5 years of mortgage payments. I try not to beat myself up too bad over that one… now I live with my parents…


I was formally diagnosed at about 39. I managed to fit a lot into those 39 years. So that eases my regrets somewhat.

I sampled a lot of what life had to offer, both the good and the bad.

Don’t worry about missed opportunities or things that didn’t work out etc. You’re still alive. And it’s not over yet.


Yes certainly. I often wonder what my mind could be capable of in studying (academic) or just in general tasks, if I didn’t have to take the medication. You are lucky that at least you can drive, I cannot. I worked for a few months doing a work placement in IT, yet afterwards my health got worse so haven’t ventured that much into employment. I like online courses, they’re a brilliant way of learning new stuff, I want to dedicate more time to this study, to see if I can get a job. I also live with my parents. Could be worse I suppose!

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N I can’t say this enough

I just miss jogging mainly. It does so much for me. I think if I get back into jogging I can knock this pulsatile tinnitus out of me.

But I still dk if I want to come off my meds next year :sleepy: n that’s wat I’d need to do to b able to jog again

But otherwise I plan to get rid of it by other means (the PT)

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Yes, I too feel like I was robbed of my life because of this diagnosis. I had ambitions and an adventurist spirit before I started taking medication at 18. It worked out for me in the end though because now I’m able to live a work free life, collect SSI and SSDI, foodstamps, and live comfortably in my own apartment in federal housing.


I think about and speak about my life in the past tense. There was life before sz, and there is now. My life may not be totally over, but life as I know it is over. If I continue to live, it’ll be something completely different.

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Me too.

My only fear right now is death.


I Don’t Fear Death to Be Honest

I Have Found Myself Praying For Death a Few Times

Not Willing to Be Hit With a Surprise After a Suicide Attempt

Life is Something I Take Very Seriously


Not So Much… . … :100:

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Well I’m lucky in a weird way. The two years after high school before I got sick I didn’t have a life. I lost all my friends (not due to schizophrenia), I was going from job to job doing stuff like washing dishes, or driving or working in gas stations.

I had to move back in with my parents at age 19. I laid on the couch almost every day, all day watching TV, sometimes just going out to empty trash, do laundry or get the mail. Seeing my therapist and jogging in the hills were my only productive activities.

Then I got diagnosed. I’ve done better since I got diagnosed. Before schizophrenia I never held a job more than three months. My first job after getting diagnosed I lasted four years! And I’ve had other jobs with schizophrenia that I’ve worked three or four years.

Admittedly, I’ve had jobs that lasted a couple months or 8 months and I’ve got fired from jobs. But at my current job I’ve been there 6 years. I also started community college after being diagnosed. I’ve had better cars after being diagnosed, I flew across the country after being diagnosed. IDK. I think having schizophrenia agrees with me! Maybe that’s a bad joke.


You bought a house young

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Yes i have. It has cost me some of my cognition. I used to want to be a doctor (still do), but i can’t see that ever happening. I feel robbed of my future. I’m just trying to hold it all together so i don’t lose any more.

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The road not taken could have been worse for me. My original plans were to leave home and work for big corporations but then I got sick and moved back home.

It might have been a good thing because my dad developed heart problems and there was no one else around to really help him. I also met my wife and we are pretty happy after being together for 17 years.

I sometimes wonder if something weird might have happened like maybe I would have been in the World Trade Center on 9/11. Or maybe I would have cashed in on the dot com boom.

Things are probably somewhere in between of what they could have been. I have a lot of good memories to offset the bad ones so I can’t complain.

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I had a website. I started it in 1998 before even google was around. I closed it around 2011 after I was diagnosed. It was finally making a nice profit. I put most of my free time into it all those years. It was going to be my ticket out of the 9 to 5 grind.

It did hurt a lot when I had to shut it down.

But now after all this time I’m at peace with it.


like many of you, my life had promise before getting sz at 26…i was going nowhere career wise but i had many other things going for me, but i feel they were robbed from me due to negative symptoms.


In the past I felt left out and that my life had been taken away from me.
These days I’m doing well though and I’m just grateful for everything I have.
As I got older I realized that I’m happier now than I was when I was younger. I can sit still and breathe. And I have a better life than I had when I was still using drugs and alcohol to cope.

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I’m sorry to hear that you lost your house.

-I may have been robbed by getting on SSDI,

but I’ve always worked part-time now,
and have time to do lots of things I want to do.

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