Does anyone dwell on things they’ve done wrong in past?

Does anyone dwell on things they’ve done wrong and regret doing in past?

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Everyone does it but don’t get obsessed with it, past is past, you can’t change it and we always change for the better.

I hope so fgfsv

yeah, I used to feel especially bad after losing a relationship from my actions. Still hurts at times. A lot of it for me is missing parts of myself from the past – like how fit I used to be and how optimistic and energetic.

I have a list of past mistakes that I think about every day and they’re not even that bad. Just embarrassing.

Yeah I feel bad for mine.

No, I have a perfect record of never making a mistake.

used to happen to me from an early age until my mid 20’s. i was just sensitive i think, as i made common errors others could relate to. but after some suffering i realized the punishment didn’t fit the crime and i begun to ease up on myself. now i just try to do right, but if i mess up, i dont dwell on it. ive changed a good deal.

I regret having the second bowl of ice cream in '95. Dammit, if I could only take it back.

I perseverate on past conversations or actions. It keeps me awake and makes me anxious and makes me hate myself.

That’s what I’ve done all night.

I think my entire life has been made out of wrong things I’ve done wrong.

Yeah I have sometimes I still do. But I try my best to move forward and focus On the present and future

Yes, in a long period i went mad and odd and posted it on social media. Embarrassing.
When i was young i was not a very sympathetic person but quite popular. Since then ive tried to better myself towards others and now im not that popular anymore.

“It takes guts to be gentle and kind” (Morrissey/ The Smiths)

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Sometimes i do. Sometimes i look back at something and feel regret. However, you can’t let the past dominate the future or else there will end up being more things you regret.

In AA they have a “fourth step” where you are supposed to take a thorough moral inventory of yourself, and then, in the fifth step, you’re supposed to admit to God, to yourself, and to one other person the exact nature of your wrongs. I think I’m getting closer to doing that. Usually, most people who drank like alcoholics have some real doozies in their moral inventory. There are a few things that will be hard for me to face.

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