Does anyone buy sugar free food?

What are your favorite sugar free items at the grocery store? I think sugar free food is a great invention I am wondering what else they are hiding at the grocery store. I just bought some sugar free ice cream bars.

I drink sugar free Aldi coke. It’s the one that looks like Pepsi Max

Most cheap supermarket drinks taste horrible, but this is actually nice!

i eat almost no sugars
sugar free
only diet coke which is horrible but is 0 calories

I try to find sugar free foods but there don’t seem to be too many available.

I buy sugar free drinks but not food.

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I use Mio liquid water enhancer and powdered energy drinks, all 0 sugar and 0 calories. I don’t drink juice anymore. Also I use Splenda with drinks instead of sugar. You can even make cake with Splenda, it doesn’t taste bad, I tried it at my friend’s house, his mother baked it.

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Yep, my entire Thanksgiving dinner is sugar-free and low carb.

Just finished making a pumpkin cheesecake with almond flour crust and candied pecans on top.

All of this was possible with Swerve-- a sugar substitute.

For anyone curious, it bakes just like sugar, and even caramelizes.


I read diarrhea horror stories on Amazon with sugar free candy lol

I drink Powerade Zero, I don’t put sugar in my coffee. But I tend not to like a lot of sugar free products, because they have to make up for it with a lot of chemicals. (Yes, I know Powerade Zero is one of them.)

What is Swerve – stevia or xylitol?

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I believe it’s something called erythritol.

Tastes like sugar, bakes like sugar, and has no glycemic load (which is great for my diet and for my mom, who happens to be a diabetic).

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I have to be careful with too much of that. It upsets my tummy.

Have you ever used monk fruit sugar? Is that appropriate for diabetics?

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Ah, yea some sugar-free products can wreak havoc on the ol’ digestive tract.

…Sugar-free candy… Never again. :sweat_smile:

Yes, monk fruit is the shiiz! Put it in my tea every day.

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:rofl: :joy:


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I don’t buy a lot of sugar free stuff because there’s not a lot of choices here. I make a lot, though. I use splenda and generic splenda. I use regular recipes and just swap sweetners.

I have bag of monk fruit sugar. I don’t like it. It doesn’t melt in coffee well and has a less sweet taste. @Pandy

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I have a bag of it, too. I still haven’t tried it yet! So I kinda have no idea…

You might like it. I have a friend on ketone that does.

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I also use the Mio things!

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Just sugar free drinks.

My cereal is sugar free (I’m diabetic). It’s kinda bland so I put Splenda Sweetener on it.

…and here is what is in it…