Does anyone bow and how many bows do u do

Have been trying to bow with my mom at home. I started at 20 and now am doing 54. My mom is doing 108 bows then meditating. There are 108 beads in the prayer beads used in Buddhism. This bowing wears me out but hopefully I can reach 108.

What are bows? I’ve only started to become interested in Buddhism.

I’ve recently gotten into doing a little bow along with saying “Namaste”, but as for ritual/repetitive bowing, I’ve never gotten into that (although in my Sangha we do a singular group bow when we conclude our metta meditation).

I’m new to Buddhism too but people go to the temple or at home and bow and pray asking Buddha for his help.

Ah I see. Thanks. I’ve found that meditating on Buddhist mandalas, especially the ones with words, are a marvel at connecting with Buddha…

On the Buddhist Mandalas, make sure you concentrate on the centre but also let your eye slightly wonder of centre , if you know what I mean… It’s beautiful when you really get into it!

The transcendental value.

Here is an example of a mandala I meditate with… Concentrate on the centre, preferably with Tibetan Singing Bowl music…

Just looking at it, inspires awe… :innocent:

Please refrain from religious discussion on the forum. Talks about meditation practices are fine, but not in a religious context.

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