Does anyone actually support the USA being in Afghanistan still?

I’m tired of the USA being in Afghanistan. It’s safe to say that the entire USA’s post-911 experiment in the middle east has been a massive waste of blood and treasure for the USA. I read an article that Obama is being pressured by foreign policy experts not to pull US troops out of Afghanistan. I’m curious how average citizens of the USA and other countries feel about the USA being in Afghanistan?

All it’s done has made people hate us more and wanna fight back more.

I think that its ridiculous and they need to just get out of there. Its never been ok.

i like the u.s.a…they have never heard of history books !?! :bookmark:
russia did the same thing in afghanistan…they failed… so will the u.s.a. :earth_americas:
you don’t win wars by bombing people…
you give them hospitals
it takes longer…but better results :trophy:
oppression or dictatorships eventually crumble… :blush:
take care :alien:


I thought most of the troops already came home? how many troops are still there? I would think it’s just to maintain peace if they still have a lot of troops over there. My brother is getting ready to go to Iraq for a job. He was deployed in Afghanistan during his military career.

It’s a futile undertaking to try to reform a corrupt society. We’ve been in Iraq and Afghanistan for almost a decade and a half, and both countries are still not viable states. In one aspect Afghanistan is like Viet Nam, in that we control the cities and the daytime, and the enemy controls the countryside and the night. Jukebox is right, though. We have withdrawn almost all of our troops from Afghanistan.

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Many in our country celebrate the effort of our troops in World War 2. While it was a noble effort I think it would have been wasted without the Marshall Plan which had nothing to do with guns, or tanks but instead had more to do with providing food, fixing the infrastructure, and peacefully influencing things. Poverty, and backwardness go hand and hand with extremism. Good point darksith.

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Right now we have 9,800 troops there, and we’re scheduled to take it down to 5,500 in 2017. We were going to reduce to substantially fewer troops, but we’ve had set backs on the battlefield that made us decide not to.

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the US would do better to first take care of themselves rather than invading and occupying other nations

I don’t really have an opinion. I think being politically correct has detrimental effects on the success of war.

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