Does anybody take abilify injection and abilify pills together

I don’t find the abilify is strong enough anymore also I’m on haldol and other meds but I’m wondering if anybody takes abilify maintania and abilify pills together is it a good combo

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I receive an injection of 400mg of Abilify every 4 weeks. Strong enough or not, having medication in your blood stream is better than no medication at all.


I’ve never had the Abilify shot, but I’ve taken the Invega shot and pills at the same time…

Currently I’m getting back on meds. I got an ability 300 mg shot a week ago. Doc just put me on Abilify 10 daily as of today. If I notice and improvement I’ll try to let ya know.

Btw I’ve heard the invega and Abilify shot together can be very effective.