Does anybody know anything about this 62 linear inches size limit for checked in luggage on an airline?


I was going to buy a piece of luggage at a black Friday deal. But this 62 linear inch size limit? Does that include the handles and wheel when you check it in? Or do you not include them when you measure. The answers I get online is that sometimes you include them and sometimes you don’t. I also get the answer that it is unlikely that the airline will pull out a tape measure and measure unless it’s really oversized. Does anybody know? Much help is greatly appreciated.


[Baggage dimensions and weights. The maximum exterior dimension (length + width + height) of standard checked baggage is 62 inches (158 cm), including handles and wheels. The maximum weight for checked baggage is based on the class of service and on the traveler’s MileagePlus Premier® status at the time of check-in.]


Many places will list if it meets airline guidelines. Make sure you check the weight of it as well. I had an old suitcase before they charged by weight and the bag was sturdy but probably 15lbs empty. Get the sturdiest thing you can that’s light weight so you don’t go over the weight maximum!


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