Does anybody have interesting stories with working

I got a job delivering pizza at Papa John’s. I thought I wasn’t smart enough to be able to do the job. It turns out that I was smart enough to do the job. I wasn’t the best delivery driver, but I didn’t get fired or anything like that. So that helped me believe in myself more.


I was working as an aid at an assisted living center, which is an irony in itself. It was a large, three story building that housed a lot of mental health residents. It rested in a large town of about 90,000 people. They were very concerned with security. One time I was sitting in the office, and this resident came up to me and told me that there was a strange man on the second floor. This sounded alarming to me, because when I came to apply for the job an aid accosted me rather abruptly before I had walked fifteen feet through the door. So I went upstairs and confronted the man. I was brusque. He was very understanding. He said he knew I was just doing my job. A couple of days later the woman who ran the place called me into her office and fired me, because the man I had accosted on the second floor was her nephew.

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Yeah, I got fired from a job. It was an ice cream restaurant. I was depressed and I fixed sub sandwiches and worked at the register. I forgot exactly what the manager told me for the reason why I got fired. She said something like I didn’t learn things fast enough that has to do with the job.

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I was a teacher before hearing voices. I had difficulties to manage my class and it was noisy. I got fired from my job.

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I never got fired from any job but I quit all on my own. Since having sz I quit early, lasted 1 month max.

I got fired twice in my life…
One time because I was depressed and I was working poorly.
The other time because I was delusional.

I never got fired, but I walked out of a job after 1 week. It was a telecommunications job. The bosses treated the workers like cattle and acted like they were better than us. It was like they had watched too much reality tv or something.

We started up in a learning programme and I remember one guy came 1 minute late back from his cigarette break and the bosses had him stand before everyone up on the podium and demanded he answered questions he didn’t know the answers to, and then it was like…that’s what happens if you are late people.

When the weekend came I just said f*** it. I’m not working for these clowns. I still got paid for the one week though.

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My work is basically boring. I have a bachelor of arts in English so mine is just a ton of translating, editing, etc…just sit on your desk all day and do your thing, kinda. It gets boring after a while.

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I worked at a hot tub joint in the eighties. It was a place owned by this young couple, a woman in their thirties. It was my first job after being out of the hospital for 9 months. The business consisted of 9 private rooms that each had a hot tub, a shower, a bed, a telephone, and we supplied liquid soap.

The rooms were rented out for hour slots, back them a room cost about $6.00 for an hour. It was perfectly legitimate and very popular. But everybody knew that most people had sex in the room.

There were only about 6 employees, including me, and I ended up working their four years.

But since it was basically a little mom-pop business we all knew each other.

The two bosses used to ask me to wash their cars. I felt funny about it at first, like they were taking advantage of me, but I told my dad and he didn’t think it was a big deal. The bosses always had nice cars. The guy had a BMW when those were really popular for yuppies and rich people. The woman had a brand new Volkswagen, jet black with a convertible top.

One day she asked me to wash it so I got a bucket with some soap and a sponge and went to the back parking lot to wash it. I absentmindedly started washing it and after a minute I stepped back and looked. The paint was coming off with every swipe I made with the sponge!

You could see where I had made big, circular swipes with the sponge. I couldn’t believe I had just wrecked her paint job on her brand new car. I was mortified but when I brought her out to show her, she really couldn’t get too mad because she’s the one who had supplied the soap and the sponge.

A funny thing happened. The woman boss was only 32 or 33 and she was a petite, cute little thing. She had a nice body plus she was really nice and liked me. I remember one day she was in one of the rooms herself taking a shower. Every phone connected to the front desk. She called me and asked me to bring an extra towel.

I knocked on the door and she said to come in. She had no clothes on, she was just wrapped up in a towel. I gave her the towel and next thing I knew, her towel “accidentally” fell off and she was standing there naked right in front of me! She just giggled. I knew they were both comfortable with nudity and I just looked, without staring and then I left. I thought the whole incident was innocent until months later when I told a friend about it and he just gave me an incredulous look and told me she obviously did it deliberately and that I missed a great chance.


77nick77 Love your stories !

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In my late teens I worked at a diner. The food was really good there and so was the service, and at dinner time, the place got really busy. About a month after I left the job, the feds raided it and shut it down. The owner and his wife were laundering drug money through the diner’s books. I was pretty stunned. My whole time there I never saw anything out of the norm (other than one of the chefs using cocaine to stay awake late into the night). Pretty wild!

interesting work stories? im not sure, well i worked on a golf course for 4 seasons, and me and my buddy george used to smoke pot and do our labor, digging ditches, changing hole locations, taking an hour and a half for lunch, and when it really got hot we had to drive around in golf carts and water the fairways. was a good job but didn’t pay diddly. we also used the tractors and backhoe’s and mowers. at the end of every season they would do this thing where we would aerify the greens, which was this machine that would go around and punch all these little holes in the greens, and then me and george would have to go back over and sweep a mixture of sand and dirt into the little holes. we used to all golf together on fridays, my two bosses and a couple of the older guys. i used to wear my norml golf team shirt which read “the grass is always greener” on the back, but my boss didn’t care, in fact he had a peace sign tattoo on his ankle so maybe he used to be a hippy. it was a good job but no money in it, when george quit i quit.

another time i had this job at a warehouse working night shifts, we would pick and ship dry goods for grocery stores, things like herbs and spices, rice, flour, candles, tea, soy milk, things like that, anyways i worked there a year and it paid much better. i remember one guy would go to flea markets and buy all this junk, and have it in the back of his pickup truck, on breaks employees would go out there, look his stuff over and buy things from him. he used to suck or chew on cigars all shift and wear wwe wrestling t-shirts. i remember one time he stopped me and said “somebody should make a movie about this place” then he asked, “who should play me? i think clint eastwood!” haha. lots of interesting characters on night shift. another guy there used to tell me stories about when he was younger and grew pot in trees. he said he was totally out of it back then, and in fact now i think he was probably schizophrenic as he was always paranoid, i was his only friend. i remember he told me he started to treat his plants like people and would be armed up in a tree protecting them.

i got fired once, it was this seed company. i was working two jobs at the time, one at night delivering pizzas, and the other in the morning for this garden seed company stocking seeds. well it was too much for me to get up that early and i was late 3 times in 2 weeks, i remember the general manager called me into his office and told me i have a sense of malaise that he has never seen before and fired me. so i continued to work at the pizza place, my manager at the pizza place was relieved that i got fired and said that place is like a dungeon haha. after work i would stay up late listening to university radio and playing online poker with my tip money.

another time in high school i had this job delivering furniture, the guy i was with would do all the driving and i would help him haul this heavy ass furniture into peoples homes. i remember he was a real creeper always slowing down to check out the women walking on the street. even underage girls, he would slow down in our truck look through the rear window and say “healthy” i only worked there a few months before i quit, i remember puddle of mudd “she fn hates me song” was always on the radio while i was working there.

Great stories, I get workplace mobbed so have backed out nowerdays.

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