Does anybody get super pissed off because of sz

I’m not angry about it. I feel I’m recovering. I have been fine for going on a year. Before that I was having delusions and got sent to the hospital. I thought a copy of me was stuck in the ceiling crawling around. He got stuck here after walking into this house before we lived here and witnessing an alien landing. I heard what must have been an animal in the ceiling. I’m not angry at all. I also thought hell was contacting me (i’m not religious) I was in touch with spirits from hell. That lasted a long time. My condo was haunted, specifiaclly the beds which were second hand. I woke up hearing auditory laughter and while hiding in the closet whatched a glove move back and forth. My parents had me committed to the state hospital where I thought I had been in the army in the past but didn’t tell anyone. I’ve been fine since then. I was in the hospital for a long time though. I thought it was excessive. Now I’m on a conditional discharge which means I can’t leave the state or drink for the next year and I have to be in treatment or I go back. No symptoms other than thought broadcasting. I really feel like I’m going to permanently recover. I’m on Risperdal and gabapentin.

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As said in an earlier thread, my life is better now as an adult with SZ than being a teenager with a drug problem.

I think this gives some perspective on the issue of quality of life

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