Does anybody ger angry with your circumstances

I get really angry with my circumstances. I don’t hang out with friends enough, I don’t have a job. And I hang out with my father because I have no choice. That makes me mad because I want to hang out with a friend.

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Right there with you .

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Always angry about it…

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Never angry. I accept life and have no problem


yea it sux bawlz

Today I blew it. New job, crappy slave labor in a sweatbox but still it was the first day and I walked out at first break. Thought I couldn’t handle working with 500 people. Now I’m angry with myself looking for another job on Craigslist.

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sorry to hear it @mankid. I understand, I’ve done the same- I once worked a job that put me on a street corner near transients counting cars. I lasted 45 minutes. Keep looking, you’ll find something.

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Not angry but depressed

Very angry, now pretty pathetic.

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