Does anybody feel content

i am not happy or unhappy
i wanna laugh at me how come i believe crazy things like delusions
and where hallucination complex hallucinations come from why they seem like real ppl do they have their own mind
how come they control my life

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I don’t see contentment or lack thereof as something that solid. It changes minute by minute.

I’m content currently, but tough time at work

I have kind of stopped thinking long term because my future is very uncertain in terms of what I will be able to achieve. I live from day to day, and that makes it easier to be content. Sure I can have a bad day once in a while or go through spells where I’m not very motivated, but I try to stay positive, and I am for most of the time.

I’m pretty content with my life now. It could be better but it’s pretty good overall.

I would feel content if it weren’t for my current difficulties sleeping every night

Not now with having covid19 and symptoms for more than 10 days.

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I’m content most of the time

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