Does anybody else want to get married

I had no desire to get married and I didn’t think I would ever tie the knot, but, I did anyway.

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No thanks. Been there - done that.

@Jake Why do i get the feeling you would be doing it for the wrong reasons?

Make sure your own life is sorted first and your stable before roping in a man or woman to live with.

I do not want to get married, my life is less complicated and easier in this way. I would not mind having a relationship.

No never want to get married, cant take stress!

I don’t want that nor a live in relationship. They would find my meds and Google them by day 3.

I don’t need either of those things to feel closeness. I don’t want to compromise on living my personal life as to how I keep my things or how I spend my time.

That said, the idea of getting a girlfriend in the foreseeable future itself makes me happy.

My goals are in sight and I’ve already fulfilled certain steps.

I believe I have the necessary skills now to start in freelance web design. It’s a matter of getting the personal and financial freedom necessary.

Honestly, I feel the way society seems to tell people “Everyone must marry and procreate!” to be dumb and insipid.

When I just married at 29 years old, I realized that I should married 5 years earlier. My wife is my best friend now. I shared most of my secret, problems & tiny things with my wife. When I got problem of my mental health, I will ask to accompany hug me at bed under blanket. Having sex cure my stress a bit. Lol funny but its suit with me.


I was married before but it didn’t work out.
I don’t think I’d do it again but with life you don’t really know.


I really encourage that. Get married. Life is not rainbow shine, but don’t let the disease knock you down forever. Get up. If fall again, get up. This pain world is temporary. Believe in ourself that one day we will cure and we can be healthy person. I really confidently believe that someday I will wake up and be healthy person.

I’ve been married 20 years this month. We can read each other’s minds…

Me: “Hey Honey, where’s that thing?”

Wife: “Top shelf in the bedroom closet”

Me: “Oh, right. Thanks.”



No hell no. I’ve seen what it does to people.

I hope I meet the right person. I’m afraid I lost my chance with her a long time ago though. But I’m only 32. There is still a lot of time to meet someone.

I do know I won’t settle for someone. I’ve been in relationships like that before and it was nothing but damage. I want to make sure I meet someone who I can really trust and confide in.

I would like to settle down with a nice lady one day.

I think some men have the right psychology for marriage, and some don’t.


Well, yeah I’d love to get married but I’m not mentally together enough to support a family.

I don’t know. I finally got married at 43. I was married for 10 years. I’ve been divorced for 1 year now. I live with my ex husband right now. We are best friends. He’s a really nice person. If I was going to get married I would marry him but marriage didn’t suit me. I didn’t thrive in that dynamic. And I think he’s ok. I mean he’s hurt but he takes better care of himself now and focuses less on me which is healthy. As far as other men are concerned, I have no interest at the moment. I guess it’s possible someone could come along and change my mind, but I highly doubt it. I’m happy being single.

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