Does anybody else get scared when they’re home alone?

I’m scared as ■■■■ right now.


Yessss!! Always!

What are you afraid of.

NO, I’m used to being alone

That somebody is going to kill me.

If you’re alone where are they going to come from?

No, not usually.

They’re going to break in and kill me in my sleep.

I do. Especially at night. I’m usually okay, but weird noises at the door really freak me out.

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I’m always afraid I’ll get murdered at night. I look out the windows alot. I also lock the bedroom door when I go to bed and lock the bathroom door if I’m going to shower. I used to keep a knife nearby all the time so I guess I’m doing better now since I don’t do that anymore.

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I know usually get scared but I would be if I lived in a bad neighborhood.

I’m scared to be alone at night. We have a ghost in the house. I believe he is benevolent but I’m not sure

you sound like me @FatMama I am spiritual and believe there is a spiritual portal in my bedroom…some good mostly dark crys for help…I just tell them to go to the light…and then I can go to sleep.

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I was terrified of it when I lived with my parents.
Now I’m used to it.

I don’t like being home alone…thus I live with my parents

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